Living in Hanalei, Kauai

Situated on the northern shore of Kauai, the idyllic coastal town of Hanalei is considered to be a crowning jewel in Hawaii. Lush mountains, beautiful cascading waterfalls, and other natural features have turned this dream vacation spot into one of the most desirable residential locations in the world. The town derives its name from the crescent-shaped, white sandy beach, the word Hanalei literally means crescent bay. Add in world-class surfing opportunities and it’s no surprise that Hanalei has its fair share of celebrity owners and vacationers too.

Besides numerous surf competitions and endless local adventures, Hanalei also hosts many annual festivals and sporting events, including the famous Tahiti Fete festival and the Haena to Hanalei 8 Mile Run. Hanalei has been featured as the backdrop to many popular film productions, including the 1958 musical South Pacific that was filmed in the town and nearby Lumahai Beach. 

Other significant attributes that attract investors and tourists alike include Hanalei’s serene Limahuli Gardens, Hanalei Taro Farm, The National Wildlife Refuge, and the mystic Hula Temple.

However, the focus for home-hunters looking at Hanalei has to be the heritage-level properties that one can buy here. 

The major shopping area of Hanalei is the Ching Young Village. There are a variety of shops and restaurants concentrated around that area. Other amenities for convenience include a grocery store, post office, computer repair and more.